About Wolfesbrain

A smiling wolf made out of pink brains. Behind him is a peach background with purple console patterns

Description: Wolfie is a 32-year-old autistic man; as a military kid — his mother was in the Army as a sig.int. analyst, his stepfather was in the Air Force as a software programmer (they actually met on the early days of the internet and are ostensibly one of the first internet dating success stories) — Wolfie spent his early childhood on German military bases and grew up in Florida after his parents left the military. He currently lives in Tennessee but is trying to get the resources together to move back to Florida — he misses the lack of seasons.

Wolfie’s interests include video games, anime and cartoons, sci-fi, maybe D&D and Magic the Gathering if he can find people to play with, DC & Marvel media, and writing — mostly expository research type stuff. Wolfie writes poems sometimes but they usually suck.

He currently works for a shipping company as a package pre-loader but he’s hoping to make a career out of the study and writing he does on the Bible (Wolfie is a non-denominational Christian).