About GameGlr

Why you stream for AGI: I'm AuDHD and this place has helped me a lot over the years whenever I needed to vent about being AuDHD and the struggles that come with it. I hope to help spread awareness about this community, through livestreams and gaming, that has helped so much over the years, and hopefully bring more people that could use this place to vent or find friends

Description: I'm AuDHD and was diagnosed with ADHD in elementary, and Autism in middle school. I'm also an aspiring vTuber with this as my character's story:

I'm a scientist who was forced to be a test subject as punishment when I learned something I shouldn't have. I'm now stuck as a kemonomimi of a dog and cat hybrid. My scientist husband got caught in the crossfire and is a bird-bunny hybrid.

I love single-player games, and games with co-op options such as Minecraft or Starbound or Terraria or BG3. My most favorite games are games either in or similar to the Story of Seasons series (previously known as Harvest Moon). Those games are one of my special interests.