About FA_C0N

Why you stream for AGI: Found this group randomly on google after finding out about my diagnosis. This group has been nothing but supportive and understanding to one another. Every streamer and member is unique and bring so much diversity in gaming and thought to the table. The charity specials they do are always a way to bring us closer to raise awareness of neurodiversity.

Description: Tag is FA_C0N (like Captain Falcon), but you can call me Tony if you want. I've been a gamer for life, and a Twitch Streamer for almost a decade. I was Diagnosed with autism and ADD since I was 11 but re-evaluated my diagnosis files for the first time when I was 21. I was born and raise in Seattle, WA and currently reside here today. Been a Gamer since in Diapers playing Super Mario Bros, Tetris, and Zelda. Growing up found my scene within the competitive Pokémon VGC scene, while dabbling in Roguelikes, JRPGs, and other action adventure games I get a hold of Modern or Classic. Outside of gaming, I am a tradesman always learning things as I work. Currently I've been bouncing around jobs from arcades to warehouses to where ever life takes me. I also love walking on trails, dancing, going to cinemas, and traveling even while competing. I may be a bit introverted but never am afraid of getting to know new people so feel free to stop by my Twitch streams when I'm online.