About Lark

Why you stream for AGI: I came across AGI while browsing around for autistic-led communities and it just seemed to be a perfect fit for me as both a streamer and a gamer. I've always been proud of my autism and the many weirdnesses that come along with it, and before AGI I'd pretty much always been made to feel ashamed or apologetic for who and what I am. Which, y'know... Kinda sucks.

But I was welcomed into AGI pretty much instantly and found a community of like-minded nerdlings with whom I can be myself, and occasionally even drag into my twisted co-op shenanigans! I like it here, so nyah.

Description: Lark is a gamer, writer, musician and streamer in his late-late-late 20s that hails from the grey, overcast, muggy, grey and grey shores of the United Kingdom. He can usually be found either running co-op events with his fellow streamers and members of the twitch community, though he also has a rather obnoxious tendency to experiment with stream formats, chat integration and abnormal gameplay.

What does all that mean? Well, you'll just have to ask him yourself~