About Gingersnaspie

Why you stream for AGI: I love the AGI community and how we support each other. Being Neurodivergent can be lonely, but it helps to have relatable people with shared interests!

Description: We're not quite sure what Ginger is (cat fox monkey thing?), but we do know she's a redheaded ADHD VTuber with the humor of a 12 year old and an affinity for retro games and waffles.

Ginger loves entertaining herself and taking her viewers (whom she calls "Waffles") along for the ride, including commentary from chat in highlight clips occasionally. She streams games and other shenanigans on her channels, and her community resides in a Discord server called "The Waffle Zone".

Hop into Ginger's chat on YouTube or Twitch to say hello, or join the Discord to hang out with some friendly folks!

(Pronouns: Any)
The Gingersnaspie channel is intended for mature audiences.

Ginger is created and puppeteered by Lushia (Lushia's Neurodivergent Life), producer of the film "Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's."