About Jenksy

A red dragon sitting wings outstretched on top of a nameplate with the text JENKSY on it

Why you stream for AGI: I was Diagnosed with Autism,Sensory prossesing disorder,Dyslexia when I was 31 years old now 34 years old! In and out of mental health teams all my life not knowing why I was different, my mission now is to break the stigma of Autism as much awareness as possible as both my young children are also on the spectrum.

Description: A 34 year old proud father of 2 children, from West Wales UK. Lives with his Wife of 12 years, 2 children, 3 Dogs and a Cat. His main interest is Gaming and always has been and always will be as it was an escape for him during younger life and to this day to cope with life! My mission now is to spread as much awareness as possible to help others to understand us and also be a role model for others who are on the spectrum to never give up on their dreams!