About Steph

A bewildered looking train conductor looks up while holding a light-green phone in her hand

Why You Stream For AGI: I'm the founder of AGI! I came up with this idea in early 2017 when I was watching a Vinesauce charity stream and felt inspired to make change in my own way.

Description: Steph is allegedly an adult woman from northern New Jersey (born 1989) who wasn’t diagnosed until she was 20, but she’s done the best she could to make up for lost time on that front. She’s been fond of video games ever since her kid brother got a Nintendo 64 and Banjo-Kazooie for his birthday when they were kids and she’s frequently turned to them at various points in her life for comfort and stress relief. Using them to help other autistic people out was the next logical step, naturally, so she founded AGI after being inspired by a Vinesauce charity stream.

When she’s not playing video games, you’ll probably find Steph in her day job as an archivist preserving historical materials, bopping around on the NYC subway (ask her about the Battle Subway!), or yelling at baseball players on her TV who can’t hear her. Her other hobbies include writing and drawing comics and cartoons, cycling, and trying to go to engineer school so she can drive steam locomotives. She’s especially noted for her love of comedy history and regularly cries over her favorite comedians. She has an abnormally large cat named Murphy who’s very loud and will probably make occasional guest appearances in her videos. She runs purely on caffeine and guts and is frequently found imbibing Coca-Cola Slurpees, her trademark favorite beverage.

Although she plays all sorts of games, her specialty is the use of a 1994 writing program called Storybook Weaver Deluxe to create Dadaist masterpieces.