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About chupacabraMaize

A green and yellow chupacabra with red eyes and hair

Why Stream for AGI: Reaching equity in our communities is a must. Maize is devoted to bringing acceptance, respect and awareness around autism. He also loves gaming and streaming. What a cool thing that he gets to do both through AGI!

Description: Maize is 24 and uses he/him pronouns. He comes from Mexico but has lived a large portion of his life where he is now - in Aotearoa New Zealand. He’s very passionate about any and all things spooky (even if he’s a coward when it comes to horror games). He’s also really into TTRPGs and arts & crafts - he paints a lot mostly. Maize spent his childhood without a diagnosis, and as an adult was refused it due to being “high functioning”, this made getting supports very difficult. He does all he can to make sure others won’t have to go through that. Maize has a fiancée and a cat named Mochi which he adores. Maize’s design is based on the chupacabra cryptid/monster from Central and South America.