About chupacabraMaize

A green and yellow chupacabra with red eyes and hair

Why Stream for AGI: Reaching equity in our communities is a must. Maize is devoted to bringing acceptance and respect around autism. He also loves gaming and streaming. What a cool thing that he gets to do both through AGI!

Description: Maize is 25 and uses he/him pronouns. He comes from Mexico but lives in Aotearoa New Zealand. He’s very passionate about any and all things spooky (even if he’s a coward when it comes to horror games). He’s also really into TTRPGs and arts & crafts - he paints and bakes a lot. Maize has a fiancée and a cat named Mochi which he adores. Maize’s design is based on the chupacabra cryptid/monster from Central and South America.