About Sythra

Why you stream for AGI: I stream for AGI because I am an avid supporter of their cause, and they offer an environment where you can feel comfortable as you are, and a safe space for connecting with others on the autism spectrum. I also love that they do a lot of work for great charity groups as well, and raise awareness of Autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Description: Hey there! My name is Sythra, and I am a huge anime lover, gamer, and all around nerdy type. I can be a bit shy, but I promise I'm friendly and you are always welcome to say hello. I am 32 years old, with a degree in Creative Writing (I love to tell stories!) and some of my non-gaming hobbies include traveling, cosplay, going to museums/the zoo, and taking walks. I'm also a streamer for the Autistic Gaming Initiative, and when time permits I stream a variety of games, though my favorites tend to be RPGs.

Looking to find me? Take a look at the links/handles below!