About Alex Garbus

Why you stream for AGI: I already stream games semi-frequently, so why not promote a good cause while doing so? AGI has been an immensely helpful and overall wonderful community to be a part of, and I'm happy to give back to it.

Description: Alex Garbus, aka Garb because there are too many Alexes to keep track of, immediately became hooked on video games after playing Super Mario World at his local daycare. Diagnosed with autism at an early age, his interest in gaming became an important social tool as he formed numerous friendships over Mario Kart races, Pokémon battles, and Animal Crossing hangouts. These experiences eventually formed his desire to create his very own games, a desire that he is now fulfilling as an independent video game developer. Outside of video games, Garb also dabbles in drawing and filmmaking, although these interests typically relate back to games. He resides in Kentucky, where he can typically be found working on his projects, chilling with his friends, playing with his dog, laughing at unfunny memes, or stanning for his Smash main Isabelle.