WitchGoddess is a 26 year-old autistic enby living on the TN/GA line. A mother of one, she is currently working on a degree in Wiccan Theology and wants to use it to get a career helping others. She received her diagnosis of ASD level 2 (along with PTSD and depression) just last April. Her special interests are video games, computers, website creation, witchcraft, MLP:FiM, and disability activism. She loves to play Fallout 4, Skyrim, Minecraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and many of the other games in her collection (which is over 100 games in total!). If there are mods for a game, she’ll check them out! She owns a really awesome gaming tower that she modified herself and is really proud of, as well as a PS4. When she’s not playing a video game, she’s either studying, modifying her computer, hanging out with her friends, or doing things around the house while playing with her cat and talking with her husband. She’s also trying to start her own business and currently works as a security guard.

Twitch | YouTube | Steam | Tumblr | Second Life | PSN: Witch_Goddess_