Samantha (aka kiotsukare) is a late-diagnosed autistic adult, who grew up in a small town in Michigan but now lives in Denver with her fiancé and two cats. She’s had an interesting ride after college, using that BA in physics to work as, among other things, an explosives research assistant, a materials testing technician for the Department of Transportation, and a woodworker/machinist making parts for looms and spinning wheels. After some recent medical issues and a diagnosis with Sensory Processing Disorder, she’s decided a career change is necessary…though to what exactly she has yet to figure out. She grew up playing CD-ROM games at home and N64 games at friends’ houses, then when she was 10 years old she got a PS1 for her birthday and 2 games: Sypro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Gaming was never the same again. She still loves to play those old games, and likes to comb used game stores to look for ones she may have missed out on. She’ll talk your ear off about anything fiber arts related, as well as anything to do with sensory issues. More recent interests include soapmaking and sensory-friendly physical exercise. She plays several instruments, and will forever be a band nerd at heart.