Hello, all! As you’re likely aware of if you’re viewing this post, our first charity stream is going to be this Friday, May 26th, from 3 pm EST until 3 am EST. Here’s the official streaming order, along with links to the appropriate Twitch accounts to watch:

3:00-4:12 EST: Chaz:
4:12-5:24 EST: Alyssa Huber (Gingersnaspie):
5:24-6:36 EST: Kiotsukare:
6:36-7:48 EST: Sam:
7:48-9:00 EST: Ell:
9:00-10:12 EST: Steph (1863_project):
10:12-11:24: Wolfesbrain:
11:24-12:36 EST: Suuji:
12:36-1:48 EST: Belades:
1:48-3:00 EST: Joobles:

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